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Spotting-restrictions at FCO?
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Autore:  Rocket [ 06/03/2011, 15:49 ]
Oggetto del messaggio:  Spotting-restrictions at FCO?

Hi there,

my name is Johannes, I'm from Germany. After spotting trips to CDG and LHR in the past two years I want to visit FCO this July.

But in Germany and also in our forum there are perennially rumors saying that taking photos at Italy's airports isn't allowed and will produce problems with the local police/security staff. But on the other hand there are more than 16.000 photos taken at FCO on JetPhotos. So it would be great if you could clarify the situation: Are there any photo-restrictions at FCO?

Thank you for your kind help so far. I'm sure, there will be some more questions about spotting at FCO till July... ;)


Autore:  alphasierra [ 06/03/2011, 17:25 ]
Oggetto del messaggio:  Re: Spotting-restrictions at FCO?


well maybe we still have not so much freedom about spotting as you may find in Amsterdam, or Germany, or LHR, but actually it is not so bad.
We've both places near airport fences, where often police ask us to move for unknow "security reasons", and even place where spotting is easier (among these, our famous API terrace).
Two important notes about spotting at FCO:
1- avoid spotting, or remain in spotting places, during the arrival and departure of the EL AL flights (this may alert all the security system of FCO)
2- don't park your car blocking security gates along airport fence.
Other than this, there are no particular issues about spotting at FCO. We've (almost)great and interesting traffic, great food and superb weather!
Hope to see you spotting at FCO soon

Autore:  Rocket [ 07/03/2011, 17:59 ]
Oggetto del messaggio:  Re: Spotting-restrictions at FCO?


thank for your information.
As you described the situation it's nearly the same as in Germany: Photographing aircrafts of El Al isn't apppreciated by the security staff. Every plane of El Al is escorted by an armored jeep of the federal police.
And as a spotter you learn what causes problems with the security - so no cars nearby the fences for sure.

So it seem like there's nothing going to prevent us from catching Alitalias heavy-fleet and the Argentinas-A340 :ghghgh


Autore:  viratadiprocedura [ 07/03/2011, 19:39 ]
Oggetto del messaggio:  Re: Spotting-restrictions at FCO?

Rocket ha scritto:
Every plane of El Al is escorted by an armored jeep of the federal police.

:lol: no armored jeeps of federal police. Just a ... Police Helicopter! And an SUV with false ambulance stickers with a hidden (well known, now) israeli mossad agent on board. If you see the helicopter hovering above you, just go away. It happened to me several times: I went away, but not before taking some shots of the heli, obviously :lol:

Keep in mind: El Al arrives every day (but saturday) around 9.30 am and goes away one hour later.

During the whole rest of the day, you will not have any trouble with security and police. Remember to let us know the days you'll be here!

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